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Qualified sourcing

85% of potential profiles are found through social media, blogs, job websites, and educational institution databases. The question then becomes, which sources should you prioritize?

  • Kaliselect distinguishes itself with its diverse array of partner networks.
  • We engage with a broad spectrum of recruitment players across France and Europe.
  • Our toolkit encompasses job boards, social media, academic partnerships, professional associations, referral programs, and our proprietary database, which has been exclusively developed for internal use over many years. The depth and variety of our sourcing ensure a comprehensive and varied candidate pool.

What’s the most efficient method to recruit the profiles I need?

  • Is it better to invest in job advertisements or access a resume database?
  • Kaliselect is dedicated to achieving your objectives. We utilize every resource at our disposal to successfully fulfill the task you entrust to us.

How much should you budget for a recruitment process?

  • We offer a fixed rate tailored to the specific mission and its deadlines, enabling you to plan and manage your recruitment spending effectively.

Why should I choose Kaliselect for my sourcing needs?

  • Kaliselect’s consultants are not just experts in their fields; they’re skilled talent scouts.
  • Our team is comprised of professionals with expertise in communication, human resources, and direct approach recruitment.

Our commitments:


  • Immediate attention to your mission
  • Real-time updates on progress
  • Preliminary feedback within 8 days


  • Consultants with hands-on experience
  • Experience recruiting in a wide range of industries
  • Proficiency in candidate sourcing
  • Committed to achieving results


  • Flexible solutions tailored to your unique challenges
  • Support throughout your recruitment sessions
  • Strong relationships with both clients and candidates

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