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Traditional recruitment and direct approach

In the recruitment field, two approaches stand out: the traditional method and headhunting. At Homme & Carrières, these two complementary methods ensure tailored
recruitment and a rewarding experience for both our clients and candidates.

Headhunting involves searching for and persuading talents, sometimes already employed, to explore new professional opportunities. This allows us to identify the most qualified profiles to meet our clients’ needs.

On the other hand, traditional recruitment offers a more open approach where candidates directly apply to job openings, thus providing a wide range of profiles and a diverse pool of applicants to meet our clients’ requirements.

Below, find the steps of our recruitment process, renowned and valued by our clients: (All the following content is taken from our ” Detailed presentation of People & Careers “)

1. Analysis of the job and company environment

This step is crucial for the success of our mission. The purpose of discussions with the contacts you provide is to understand the context of the role. Key topics covered during this meeting include:

  • The group’s structure, organization, history, and strategy.
  • The company’s structure, organization, history, and strategy.
  • Industry characteristics, competition, and the company’s market position.
  • Recruitment context: concerned unit, organizational chart, revenue.
  • The main mission and resources available to the candidate.
  • The desired candidate profile, by the company and group.
  • Detailed compensation, status, and benefits offered.
  • Career advancement opportunities.

2. Defining and implementing candidate search methods

  • Internet ads (selection of platforms like Monster, Cadremploi, Keljob, etc., based on the sought profile, subject to market trends and target audience effectiveness).
  • Internal referral network.
  • Direct approach.
  • Web hunting.
  • The group’s candidate database.

3. Candidate search

  • Selecting candidates from HOMME & CARRIERES’ files.
  • Selecting candidates from online CV databases.
  • Direct approach through the internal network.
  • Direct approach to targeted candidates.
  • Sharing the sought profile on partner websites.

4. Candidate selection

After an initial selection based on company-defined criteria, we assess the fit between the required skills for the role and the preselected candidate’s profile. This assessment includes the candidate’s interest, motivations, career aspirations, availability, and reasons for applying. We then provide the candidate with a presentation of the company and the job profile.

5. Candidate presentation

Pre-selected candidates will be presented at the company’s premises or at any other location defined by the client and approved by HOMME & CARRIERES.

6. Candidate Interviews by your company

Candidates are interviewed by various stakeholders in the recruitment process. After each interview, a debriefing call is conducted with both you and the candidate to best understand their motivations and interest in the role and the company.

7. Reference checks

Upon your request, reference checks can be conducted to confirm or reinforce your final decisions, with the candidate’s consent.

8. Integration follow-up

We monitor the candidate’s integration during the trial period to ensure a smooth transition. With our strong network of consultants from operational roles, we commit to providing your company with a meticulous selection of potential profiles.

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