Recruitment, Training, HR Consulting

Our professions

Homme & Carrières, our recruitment consulting firm, leverages its expertise and specialized knowledge to offer relevant solutions for the development of your human resources. Composed of experienced consultants, our team’s mission is to support companies in acquiring new talents, whether through traditional recruitment or headhunting.

As recruitment experts, we provide our clients with a service focused on efficiency and quality by implementing a precise and certified workflow:

  • Company analysis and job audit
  • Search for targeted profiles
  • Competence validation by phone
  • Interviews: via videoconference or in-person
  • Presentation of preselected profiles for client approval
  • Support and follow-up for candidates during the integration phase

Our proven recruitment process

Analysis of the Job and company environment

Homme & Carrières is responsible for searching and selecting talents that best match the profile desired by companies. The consultants tasked with this mission implement a recruitment process, starting with studying the company’s environment and conducting a job audit: company structure, organization, and strategy, recruitment context, main mission, desired candidate profile, salary, benefits, and career advancement opportunities. An essential step for our mission’s success is finding the ideal candidate(s) for our client companies.

We conduct interviews with your chosen contacts to determine the mission’s context: industry, profile sought, detailed compensation, and benefits…

Search for potential candidates:

We begin by defining and implementing suitable methods for searching for candidates (headhunting, web hunting…). Then, we proceed with candidate selection through job board advertisements, sourcing from partner CV databases, and our Candidate Database. A direct approach may be considered if necessary.

Analysis of potential profiles’ skills:

A phone prequalification aimed at assessing whether the target profiles’ skills and personality match your needs.


Physical or videoconference interviews are conducted to understand the candidates’ motivations for the job and the company.

Candidate presentation:

Preselected profiles are presented to the client company for validation.

Integration follow-up for new employees:

We monitor candidates during the probationary period to ensure their full integration into their new environment.