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The training programs

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Training and supporting teams have become essential in businesses: from hiring a new employee to the continuous development of their skills throughout their career.

Homme & Carrières operates across various sectors: Services, Retail, Banking/Insurance, Industry, Construction/BTP. Our primary mission is to assist companies in successful recruitment and optimizing the development of their human resources.

We therefore offer tailored training solutions:

  • Ensuring the successful recruitment of new hires,
  • Facilitating their integration,
  • Enhancing the skills of employees internally.

Our philosophy

Believe in what we do and work with client partners who share our values: placing humans at the heart of the relationship and the employee at the center of the organization.

These shared values provide vision and meaning: professionalism, passion, respect, proximity, responsiveness, humility, commitment.

Our advice, training, and coaching are directed towards these ends.
The wealth of a company lies in its employees and its clients.

The best way to predict the future is to create it

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Our approach

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All work is enriching, and we guide companies in implementing this idea and motivating their employees.

A winning strategy

Looking and moving in the same direction is essential. Our training programs are developed based on our participants’ experience.
The winning strategy belongs to companies that know how to build trust, recognize, and value their collaborators.

The individual

We value the talents of our trainees to promote the exchange of best practices and benchmarking among our clients. Because everyone is different, we individualize our support.


We are certain that change is necessary for life, and that every person has the capacity to progress. It relies on trust, creativity, and training.

The culture of results

Our speakers are all operational professionals in touch with the market (business leaders, managers, or consultants). Our interventions are grounded in reality, allowing for immediate application and measurable progress.

Our training paths


➢Sales techniques,
➢Remote selling,
➢Negotiating and arguing,

  • Basics: becoming a manager, keys to success
  • Remote management
  • Knowledge management

➢Recruitment and integration,
➢Communication and information


➢Support for change,
➢HR organization,
➢Conducting professional interviews effectively,
➢Efficient time management
➢Recruitment and integration
➢Communication and information


➢ Team cohesion,
➢ Seminars,
➢ 4 colors Olympic games and Funny Learning

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Keys to educational efficiency

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Involvement of all participants and idea sharing

Participants all have significant experiences to draw upon: we use their experience to promote the exchange of best practices.

The group’s wealth comes from constructive criticism.

From theory to practice

We use an operational and positive pedagogy that promotes learning through exchange, group cohesion, and discovery, alternating between theoretical and practical inputs:

  • Games, progressive exercises, group work
  • Study of specific cases, simulations, and personalized role-plays
  • Various technological supports, individual and team games, film clips, ice-breakers, quizzes, colorful materials
  • Games and highlights create the Team’s story and bring real complicity.
The games and highlights moments help to create the Team's story and create a real sense of togetherness.

Intra-company training

Our in-house training programs, designed and developed by our team of Educational Training Engineers, are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether you prefer in-person, remote, or hybrid sessions, we tailor our solutions to enhance the specific skills required by your industry, providing a customized learning environment that considers the culture and goals of your organization.

These training sessions are aimed at maximizing individual potential while fostering team cohesion among your staff, to optimize the impact of our training on your company’s outcomes.

All our in-house training courses are crafted and customized based on each client, their industry, and their expectations. Utilizing the 4Colors® and Funny Learning® methodologies, which combine neuroscience and innovative pedagogy, our trainings add real value to our clients’ activities, built on collaboration between our trainees and the Educational Training Engineer.

  • Are you a CEO or Sales Director looking to enhance your sales team’s skills at certain stages of the sales process?
  • Are you an HR Manager wanting to train your Managers in stress regulation and conflict management?
  • Are you the next successor of a family business and wish to be coached to take over the reins?

For each scenario, our Trainers are here to support you.

“Choosing a tailor-made training means opting for a personalized learning experience, where every moment is dedicated to your professional and personal development. It’s the guarantee of a wise and lasting investment.”

The Homme & Carrières Team

Inter-company training

Our inter-company training programs, crafted by our team of Educational Training Engineers, present a unique opportunity for learning and professional growth. Bringing together participants from various professional backgrounds, these sessions offer a prime environment for sharing experiences and professional life stories while enhancing
individual skills on the training topic.

Available in person, our inter-company training encourages group dynamics while highlighting individual innovation through enriching experience sharing.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals looking to broaden their horizons, our inter-company training delivers a dynamic and engaging learning experience. This is facilitated by the expertise of our Trainers and the use of the 4Colors® and Funny Learning® methodologies.

  • Are you a Business Owner or Sales Director looking to improve your self-awareness to communicate better with your teams?
  • Have you been tasked with hiring new team members and wish to enhance your recruitment methods?

For each situation, our Trainers are here to guide you.

“Choosing inter-company training with our trainers is to embark on a collective journey towards excellence, where the diversity of participants enriches learning through experience sharing, thereby creating a stimulating environment conducive to both professional and personal growth.”

The Homme & Carrières Team

Tailor-made training

Recognising that every company has specific training needs, we offer tailor-made training programmes. These courses are tailored to each customer’s objectives, needs and constraints, incorporating elements of in-company and inter-company training where appropriate. Our personalised approach ensures that each programme is perfectly aligned with your expectations, offering invaluable added value to your team and your organisation.


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